Pushchair Amnesia

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How long does ‘baby brain’ last? A few weeks after birth? A few months, or years?

Has your memory become a little blurred since having children? Amy tells us how she made an embarrassing first impression at School just days after Ruby-Rose started Reception.


So it’s merely a Term into the school year and I’ve recently resigned from my corporate role in Banking, and in theory I should now be ‘stress-free’ and ready to fully embrace dedicating myself to parenting the sh!t out of life. Sadly, it seems that now my brain should have more capacity, it has totally let me down and decided to go on an immediate sabbatical.


The other day, I left Frankie’s pushchair behind after collecting Ruby from school…just casually abandoned it on the side of the road. I only realised the following morning when I popped the boot open ready to retrieve it for the morning School Run. “Where on Earth is the pushchair?? Im sure it was int he boot yesterday? Has Dave moved it? Sh!t we are late”.

Confused and late for school I ran for it, wrestling with a shoeless fat toddler screaming “DOWN!” and Ruby-Rose scurrying behind asking “Where is Frankie’s pushchair Mummy? Where IS it??!”.


Having explained to one of my new School Mum Friends that I can’t for the life of me figure out where the pushchair was, she helpfully informed me that a ‘whole school’ email went out the previous evening stating that a pushchair had been left on the road, and to collect it from reception.


Embarrassed and flustered, I reclaimed the pushchair with relief. The receptionist consoled me with “You’re not the first and won’t be the last…”


Phew! Dave would NOT have been happy if I’d lost the brand new pushchair I’d insisted we needed to invest in – I don’t think I’ll mention his to him.


A mere 20 minutes later, I’d just dropped Frank to nursery and I received a call from school.


“Mrs Morris, it’s Jane from Key Stage 2 office, have you got your pushchair?”

“Oh yes, thanks very much I’ve collected it now, thanks.”

“Are you sure….?”

*confused and fearful as the penny drops*

“ummm yes it’s….in the boot”


“Do you want to check your boot?”

(Check boot)

“I’ve done it again haven’t I?! I’m so sorry!!”

“You can come to collect it whenever you’re ready”


I had to do the walk of shame that afternoon to re-reclaim it. The receptionist clearly thinks I’m having a breakdown as she asked if I was sleeping ok!


Have you experienced memory melt down? My memory is quite clearly dreadful and it is since having children (or maybe ageing!?). What can I do to keep sharp? Sudoko? Memory apps? Help!


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  • Hannah Summerill

    I thought I’d nailed it after sending my four-year-old (going on fourteen) son Jenson to school with an awesome World book day costume…..But i got the days mixed up and Jenson ended up being the only kid in fancy dress yesterday!! #epicfail He looked awesome, i felt like I’d totally pulled off being the best mum ever… Only to my horror at discovering around 11am that none of my friends had posted pictures of their little cherubs in costume. As the panic set in that I had utterly failed as a mum, I desperately tried to get hold of my husband to see if the disaster had be averted and he may have realised that NO OTHER children where in fancy dress going to school.. but to no avail. Needless to say I was not thanked/popular when I collected him later that day!!! #memorymealtdown.

    • Amy Morris

      Oh Hannah, I can just imagine the tummy flipping moment as it dawned on you! I bet he looked amazing none the less. So did you send him in again on actual World Book Day??! 😉 x