Playground Catwalk

[Looking Good, Feeling Good]

It’s only very recently that I have been able to drive again, following my C-Section for the birth of Camilla. While I was unable to drive, my husband (Stuart), was put in charge of doing the school run in the mornings with my oldest, George.


After doing it for a few mornings, Stuart came back one day and commented on the amount of Mums who wear their gym kit to do the school drop off. He questioned whether they were really then going to go the gym for a workout, or was it some kind of pretence?


I told him my thoughts on this which are; some Mums are committed to the gym and following the school drop off they will go and do a full workout. There are other Mums who put on their kit in anticipation that their baby/toddler will have a nap during the day and that will enable them to whack on a fitness DVD to carry out a quick keep fit session. And then there are some mums who wear their gym kit because simply it’s easy to wear and doesn’t require any thought or coordination in the morning, when time is precious and you’re trying to get a 4 year old ready for school!


Are there any Mums who wear their kit to pretend that they are then going to the gym? Well, maybe there are one or two.


Stuart then questioned if now I’m looking after two children and not having to rush off to the office after dropping George off, would I consider wearing my gym kit on the school run? Well, currently I belong to the ‘Classic Mummy Look’ category – knee high winter boots, black puffa jacket and hair tied back in a pony. I would love to belong to the ‘Glamorous Mums’ category – those mums who I totally admire, as they look immaculate in the mornings with their poker straight hair, skinny jeans, high heels and a perfect face of make-up. They must get up an extra hour early to achieve that look and I value my sleep too much to do that! However, when I’m feeling ready to exercise again, I will probably change team and enter the ‘Gym Mums’ squad, in the hope of being able to do a Davina workout or some Yoga while Camilla has a lunchtime nap.


At the end of my conversation with Stuart, he paused and then declared “I think I’m going to wear my cycling lycra to do the school run tomorrow!”




Let us know what you wear to do your school run? Do you go for ease, or do you feel that the playground is a catwalk and you have to meet a certain standard?


We’re two Mums who are getting through motherhood one day at a time whilst enjoying Yoga and other ‘me time’ activities. We don’t profess to be experts in Yoga, Pilates, exercise, meditation, the human anatomy or medicine and we’re certainly not experts in parenting. We are simply sharing our experience and opinions and occasionally those of people who’s advice we value, and we’ll always reference them. If you’re unsure of starting any new exercise or practice, please consult your GP. And if you’re unsure of purchasing any products we suggest, please consult your bank balance!