Gym Look: Lust List

[Looking Good, Feeling Good]

Following on from Ali’s post last week about what to wear on The School Run, I can confirm that I mostly fall into the ‘Gym Mum’ brigade.  Recently, I injured my back so I have been out of action for a few months, but now I’m back and ready for a gym wear overhaul. I must admit, I love the flexibility of chucking sports bra, leggings, vest and hoody on in the mornings with not much thought so I’ve been guilty of building a collection of black and grey kit. I feel as though I should inject a bit more style and interest into what I seem to now be donning the majority of the time. Here is my lust list for my new gym kit wardrobe:

Chandrasana 7/8 Reversible Leggings 

Sweaty Betty

OK – so they are on the greyscale, BUT, pattern! I know that nearly eighty quid is pretty pricey for a pair of leggings, but I have a few pairs of Sweaty Betty leggings years old and the quality is fabulous. Definitely no see-through legging gusset in Downward Dog in these beauties. Plus, with the flexibility of reversibility they are 2-in-1 which makes that old pence per wear barometer tilt in your favour.

Akasha Tunic Top

Sweaty Betty

I already have this top from a previous season in dark grey and it is so comfy and hardwearing – I’m guilty of wearing this all. the. time. It’s got a kangaroo pouch at the front which is handy for car keys and phone when out and about, and it’s so snuggly especially with oversized funnel neck which is great for post yoga Shavarssana or hanging around in the playground waiting for the bell to ring. Just wish they stocked it in brighter colours so that I could really push myself out of the neutrals comfort zone.

Incredible by Victoria Sport Bra

Victoria’s Secret

I love love love the Victoria’s Secret range of sports bras. They are maybe more expensive than a crop top style sports bra you might find in Forever 21 or H&M but you can really see the craftsmanship that has gone into them. Being a weird size (32E) and having had 2 kids, I definitely need some scaffold in the boob department, so the ‘Incredible’ is perfect for me. I can choose a band and cup size (no squeezing into a dress size crop top to fit the band, and ending up with double boobs – yep I know you’ve been there) to fit perfectly and there is hidden underwire and moulded cups to create a fab silhouette.  

Elastika Stretch-Jersey Tank


I already have this in grey with a pink strap and it is perfect for gym workouts as it really feels feather weight and barely there. This colour combo is pretty bold, but paired with my Nike Zoned Sculpt ribbed stretch-jersey leggings I think it’ll look good.

adidas XByO Navy Longline Tank


My gym top of choice is always an oversized, sometimes mens, vest. I have an issue with my ass – despite Kim K and crew telling me it’s sexy to have junk in the trunk, I really don’t think my lycra clad bottom jiggling on the treadmill is attractive, so I like to wear long vests to give it a bit of privacy. I have come across this little number which offers room for modification – you could quite easily tie it in a knot, at the front, back or side if you were doing any inversions or anything where you were prone and didn’t want it riding up.

Studio Wrap4


I had  a previous version of these and wore them religiously to Yoga and Barre – they were ace. They stop you from sliding around in downward facing positions and really grip to the studio floor or mat. They come in a little net bag which is handy as you can arrive at your class in trainers and swap over to these in the studio. No so good if you are prone to losing stuff. I have lost my little net bag, so will need to invest in a new pair. I have tried Yoga socks  in the past but these are a winner for me – especially in Hot Yoga when even on my Liforme Mat I slip and slide.

Frilled Sweatshirt


How cute is this sweater with on-trend flouncy frills? Perfect grab-and-go pull on layer, in a lovely pastel blue which will be perfect for Spring.
I like that this is £20, as I’m sure that the frills trend will be over next year, so it’s not a huge investment if you want to pass it on or give it to charity when you’re fed up with it.

FREE RN Trainers


The problem with ‘sports’ trainers is  that I just don’t really like them. I always find that those that are comfy are in some garish colour combo, and those that are stylish aren’t supportive enough. I discovered Nike Free RN a few years ago and they are super lightweight and really mould to your feet. They’re a bit worse for wear now – Frankie put one of them in the washing machine which I didn’t spot before turning it on, so the left is a little tighter than the right! Nike run a range of colours and you can even use NikeiD to create your own bespoke pair. 

I do also like the look of these Crazy Train trainers by Stella McCartney for Adidas and these Pure Boost X Trainer Zip Shoes, cus, y’know who’s got time for laces?! 

Beats Solo3 Wireless

Beats by Dre

I love music, and music when I’m training makes such a huge difference to me. Y’know those days when you get to the gym and you’ve forgotten your headphones – grrr – and you have to listen to the ‘gym’ music which just isn’t your vibe and nowhere near loud enough? Yeah, I hate that. Anyway, for a while last year I was using my iPhone headphones but it was all too dangly and the wires got in the way – I used to have to slide my phone into my sports bra which isn’t a good look when you need to retrieve it mid-workout to change track! These headphones are very expensive, but I’m tempted to splash out.

Yoga Tights



Well H&M have certainly gone from strength to strength in the sportswear department. These leggings look like a Lucas Hugh or Lululemon dupe and at a fraction of the price! I love the blush pink and the panelling on these – perhaps one to wear whilst in the gym rather than in the Yoga studio as I cant vouch for the opacity of the fabric. 

High Neck Tank With Drop Armhole


This would look fab with the H&M leggings. I love the cut of it – high neck, drop armhole and not skin tight so easy to move in. I reckon you could even get away with wearing this with some denim cut offs in the summer! They also sell it in ‘black’ which is more grey if you ask me which I also love, but as I’m trying to inject colour, pink it is. 

Let us know what you wear to the gym. Are you loyal to one favoured sports brand with technical sweat wicking wizardry or do you grab whatever looks pretty from one of the high street stores that are now launching diffusion lines into activewear? Now that you have plenty of gym wear inspo, check this parody out of women in their activewear . . . I promise I’ve not been guilty of any of these (she says, sat in activewear, typing and drinking coffee in a cafe)


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