Kitchen Yoga

When I can’t get to a class, I try to practice Yoga at home – usually in the kitchen, in my PJ’s with two kids hanging off me. I love the structure of a class at the studio, but there’s nothing more rewarding than practicing with Ruby and Frankie alongside me, attempting to copy the poses and join in.

I recently bought some yoga cards which are designed for both children and adults to interact in themed Yoga activities. Yoga Pretzels: 50 Fun Yoga Activities for Kids and Grownups

Both kids responded really positively to the structure of these activities, so I decided to sign up for online Yoga classes to test whether they were happy to follow along at home with a more structured class.

Although there are thousands of demonstrations on YouTube and lots of online class packages, I decided to go for Kalimukti as you can filter by goal and also select specific classes if you’re recovering from injury; so it was a great choice for me after a disc rupture a few months ago.

Initially, I started with a couple of 45 minute back injury recovery classes which were really easy to follow and very restorative. You are in control of which classes you take and in addition to filtering by ‘type’ you can also filter by length of class.

I decided to progress to some shorter but more challenging Vinyasa classes. Again these classes were easy to follow and the instructions were clear and consistent. I’ve tried following YouTube demos before, and the film quality has been really hit and miss but these classes are very professionally executed.

Although my preference would be to attend a class in studio for true interaction, I loved that the app was really flexible and I could fit it around my schedule and tweak requirements based on how much time I had and what I fancied doing…I’m yet to find a studio where there’s an offering of breathing techniques, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga all the the same time!

The kids were delighted to join in with me and Ruby developed some of her own very unique interpretations of some of the asanas. It was lovely to see her having such fun with Yoga.

Frankie decided his signature move was to down dog without using his arms for support (just his head) right in front of the iPad!

I’m considering checking out some YouTube kids yoga classes and seeing if the kids will follow along with content that is specifically designed for their age group. Here are a few of the better ones I have found:

  1. Children’s Yoga Classes with Ally Ford 
  2. Kids Yoga with Sheila Palquist 
  3. We Heart Yoga 
  4. Mommy and Me Yoga 

Check out Kalimukti for a free 14 day trial and see what you think.

Do you practice Yoga with your kids or is this strictly “me time” for you? Would you consider sending your chid(ren) to a kids based class?


We’re two Mums who are getting through motherhood one day at a time whilst enjoying Yoga and other ‘me time’ activities. We don’t profess to be experts in Yoga, Pilates, exercise, meditation, the human anatomy or medicine and we’re certainly not experts in parenting. We are simply sharing our experience and opinions and occasionally those of people who’s advice we value, and we’ll always reference them. If you’re unsure of starting any new exercise or practice, please consult your GP. And if you’re unsure of purchasing any products we suggest, please consult your bank balance!

  • Lisa

    This is a great idea Aim. Lyra and I often do the yoga on Waybuloo together 😂 however I would love to take her to kids yoga classes. Can you recommend any?

    • mantrasandmayhem

      Love that you do waybuloo yoga together Lis 😂
      I’ve been on the hunt for preschool age yoga classes locally for a while. Wasay (my old yoga teacher) and his lovely partner Heather run classes for kids Lyras age at Frais Monday at 16:15. Or yoga bugs run on in Shirley at Hi Bris but there’s a wait list and waiting for confirmation of scheduling.